A man leaves his house for work in the morning. It's the middle of summer. He is supposed to drop his infant at daycare, but this is not his ordinary routine and over the course of the drive he forgets the child is with him. The child is asleep and makes no sound. The man goes straight to work and leaves the car in the parking lot. The child slowly broils to death in the backseat, undiscovered until the end of the day.

The child had been loved. There was no history of abuse. There is no evidence this was the result of anything other than absentmindedness. The father is so devastated that he must be hospitalized.

Should this man be legally prosecuted? Choose the best answer.
What, if any, jail time should this man serve? Choose the best answer.
Which is the single most important factor in your thinking?
Which is the second most important factor?
Had this been the child's mother and not the father, would your assessment be any different?
Do you think this could ever happen to you?
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