Bruce Friedrich of PETA predicts that people will someday be able to buy meat that has been grown in vitro: bioengineered cows, pigs, lambs or chicken that were grown in a lab, with bodies but without heads. Scientists are already working on this technology.

Assuming this meat were found to pose no health risk, and was not prohibitively expensive, would you eat it?
Friedrich is PETA's national spokesperson for veganism. What do you think his position is on this idea?
Let's say the same bioengineering technology were available for humans. Scientists would use stem cells from willing donors to create headless bodies, for the purpose of harvesting organs for transplant. Would you be in favor of this technology, assuming it could save thousands of lives, and controls were in effect so the technology were limited to this specific application?
Okay, you probably heard that PETA mildly criticized the president for swatting a fly. How do you feel about this?
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