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Zoo TV: The U2 Tour That Changed Everything … or Did It?

Description: Twenty years ago, U2 was traveling the world with its groundbreaking Zoo TV tour. A new look, a new sound, a new approach to the entire U2 concert experience ... this was the tour that changed everything. Or was it? Join us as our panelists discuss what happened twenty years ago and what it meant for U2 and U2 fans alike.

Proposed format: Moderator and 2-4 panelists giving formal presentations, with audience discussion and Q&A after.

What we're looking for: We're seeking 2-4 U2 fans to be part of our panel discussing different aspects of the Zoo TV tour. Although we're open to hearing your pitches/ideas for joining this session, we think these would be good, individual presentations:

* one speaker discussing the change in U2's sound/music

* one speaker discussing the change in U2's image/touring

* one speaker discussing the change (or lack thereof?) in U2's message

* one speaker discussing the change in marketing/business

Again, those are just our ideas and we welcome all speaker pitches whether they mirror any of those ideas or not.

The length of each speaker's presentation will depend on how many are chosen. If we select two speakers, more time will be available for each; if we select four speakers, each will have no more than 10-15 minutes to allow Q&A time at the end.

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* If you're chosen to be on this panel, you'll be responsible for all costs associated with attending the U2 Conference - from transportation and accommodations to the conference registration fee. Please check below to let us know that you understand and accept this.
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