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2014 Georgia Apply to College Registration

Thank you for your school's interest in the 2014 Georgia Apply to College (GAC) program!

If your school has not previously held a Georgia Apply to College event, we recommend that you review the information found in the "Thinking of Holding an Event" section of our website (http://www.usg.edu/apply-to-college/holding_an_event) before beginning your registration. The GAC website provides important information about the GAC program that you will want to consider, as well as information to help you complete your registration.

On average, this registration form takes approximately 20 minutes to complete but less if all of the required information is gathered before beginning. Please see our FAQ “What information do I need to gather before I start the GAC registration form?” found on the "Thinking of Holding an Event" section of our site for a list of the required information.

If you start your registration and are unable to finish at that time, please be sure to click "SAVE PAGE AND CONTINUE LATER" and enter your email address when prompted. You will then be emailed a URL that must be used to resume your registration at another time. Without the saved URL, you will be required to restart your registration form from the beginning. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with incomplete registrations that are not saved.

Once you have submitted your completed registration, you will be presented a screen showing a summary of your responses. Please be sure to select the PRINT option on this page as your receipt of your submitted registration. You will not receive an auto email confirming your submitted registration but if you are presented this screen then your submission was successful.

We send registration acknowledgment emails out in batches beginning in late spring and then approximately every two weeks. Early in the new school year, registered schools will be sent a confirmation email which will provide a final step that must be completed to confirm program participation. Only those schools confirming their participation will be listed on our website and provided program materials.

If you have any questions about the Georgia Apply to College program or this registration process, please contact us by phone at 404-962-3110 or by email at gacw@usg.edu.
If you need any assistance completing the 2014 Georgia Apply to College Registration form, contact the Georgia Apply to College Committee by calling 404-962-3110 or emailing gacw@usg.edu.
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