Exit Survey
Hello, thank you for your interest in our research. Included below is a brief description of this project and all that it entails:

We have been asked to recruit men and women to participate in a study to help our client gain insight into your perception and views of solar energy. 

The study will be conducted here at our facility in the Banker's Hill area, between Downtown San Diego and Hillcrest on 5th Avenue. It is being conducted on Wednesday, December 14th at either 5:30pm or 7:30pm, depending on how you qualify. Qualified participants would be asked to take part in a 90 minute group discussion for which you would be paid $100 for your time.

In order for us to determine whether or not you qualify to participate, we will need to ask you some questions. Included in this survey is a portion of the questions we need to ask and they will determine your eligibility in this project. Please note: If qualified through this version, we will need to confirm the same questions with you over the phone.

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