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Georgia Department of Public Safety
Customer Service Survey

1. I visited the following division: *

2. What was the Purpose of your visit today? *

3. Which office did you visit (city, Post, etc.)? *
4. Please rate the service you recieved today based on the following scale: 1 (Strongly Disagree) through 10 (Strongly Agree).

Please answer for each of the following statements.
The Personnel that assisted me today were courteous.
The personnel that assisted me were helpful.
The information and assistance I requested was readily available.
The information and assistance was provided in a reasonable amount of time.
The personnel assisting me were knowledgeable.
Overall, I am satisfied with my experience today.
5. What suggestions could you make to improve our service to you?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your response will assist us in serving you and the other citizens of Georgia better in the future.

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