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Is It Love or Blindness? U2's Changing Relationship with Fans

Description: Few bands can claim the large and loyal following that U2 has. Fandom is rife with stories about the band members' individual generosity with their time and attention in one-on-one and intimate settings, but there's a tension in how the business side of U2 has related with its fan base over the years. While U2 seeks out new and younger fans to remain popular, many longtime fans feel left out. Attendees will hear panelists discuss the ups and downs, the hows and whys of U2's evolving relationship with its fans.

Proposed format: Moderator and 2-4 panelists giving formal presentations, with audience discussion and Q&A after.

What we're looking for: We're seeking 2-4 U2 fans to be part of our panel discussing U2's relationship with its fans.

We won't allow this to turn into a bitch/rant session for fans to vent about something they don't like. U2's relationship with its audience is more nuanced than that, and our plan is to make sure those nuances -- the ups and downs, both -- are discussed.

The length of each speaker's presentation will depend on how many are chosen. If we select two speakers, more time will be available for each; if we select four speakers, each will have no more than 10-15 minutes to allow Q&A time at the end.

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