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Stories for Boys & Girls

Description: U2 fandom is a very tribal experience. U2's music touches our hearts, stirs our souls and challenges our minds. These songs and this band have changed some of us, saved some of us and become part of the fabric of our life. In this session, listen to your fellow fans tell remarkable stories of U2's impact in their lives and join in what's sure to be a U2 fan tribal experience.

Proposed format: Moderator and a group of U2 fans speaking informally (for maybe 5 minutes each) with audience discussion and Q&A after.

What we're looking for: This was the most commonly suggested session topic when we invited to submit session ideas a few months ago! We're looking for U2 fans that want to spend up to 5 minutes each talking about how U2's music has changed or impacted their lives.

Fans should not plan on giving formal presentations with visuals or audio. This is more of a stories-around-the-campfire session.

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