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I don’t have cash-flow problems or real money worries.
You have to mail an important sheaf of papers to someone, regular mail. There's a mailbox near your house, and you have stamps, but you don't know how much postage it will need. The package doesn't have to be rushed, it just has to get there. What are you most likely to do?
Put a whole bunch of stamps on it, knowing I'm probably overpaying by 50 cents or a dollar, or even a little more, and put it in the mailbox.
Go to the post office a few blocks away, so I'll pay only what I should pay.
Take out my handy-dandy postal scale, which I keep for just such circumstances, get online to find current postal rates, and put on only the exact postage necessary, correct to the nearest stamp, even though I might be overpaying by a few cents, which might bother me a little.
How much price-shopping will you do for gasoline?
I'll notice places that have lower prices, and drive a little further to gas up there, if need be.
I mostly don't price-shop for gas. I'll buy gas when I need gas, and not really notice the price.
You get the check at a restaurant. The total seems about right for what you ordered. Do you check it any further?
Absolutely. I tote it all up and will complain if I think it's at all overcharged.
Not usually. If it seems about right, I'll just pay.
You're buying jeans. You really like a name brand that costs $125. What are the chances you'll splurge on it?
Pretty good.
I might, once in a blue moon.
No way.
You buy a cell phone for $175. It offers a $25 rebate. You have to fill out a form and mail it in. What are the chances you will do this?
I will definitely do it.
I might.
I almost certainly won't bother / forget / lose the form.
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