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Market research is a lot more powerful that most corporations give it credit for.   Today’s technology give market research almost as much magnetism and charisma as the most interesting man in the world.

How to Use Your Market Research Platform to Engage Customers and Generate Leads

  • Ask customer service and satisfaction questions they WANT and expect you to ask.  These include, but are not limited to

“How would you rate the responsiveness of our staff to your requests?”

“How would you rate the friendliness of our staff?” or “How would you rate the attitude of our staff?”

“How helpful was our staff in helping you get what you want?”

  • Invite customers and prospects to participate in your community.  Launch an IdeaScale space for your customers and prospects where they can participate in providing feedback and getting engaged in developing and improving your product or service.  Reach out to those who are registered and get them into a direct marketing program where they can learn and get deeper inside your community.
  • Use mobile research platforms to generate leads.  Create a QR code that leads to a “qualification” survey and you’ve got yourself a lead generator.  Place these QR codes on your literature and all over your facility and start learning more about what customers and prospects want.  WARNING – only do 1 – 5 questions at any spot.  This keeps people engaged.  Then offer a coupon or offer for those that complete the whole series.  It will be like a scavenger hunt game for them and a super lead qualifier and generator for you.

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    Very helpful info! I am always on the look out for new tools to make lead generation easier. Market research/survey is incredibly effective for coming up with customers or generating leads. Thanks for the tips, they are greatly appreciated.

    Great article, Ivana! One thing to note – you can measure customer satisfaction based on these questions, but getting to the heart of emotion requires that you remove the cognitive questions from the mix… otherwise, you get people thinking and not feeling.

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