Friday Five: Stories from Around the Web

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Here are 5 stories that we thought would be great to share with you guys . Have a great weekend everybody!


The 4 Futures of Market Research – GreenBook Blog

Kristof De Wulf, CEO of Insites Consulting shows us the future of market research by examining DIY tools, big data and tapping into consumer collaboration.


The Art of Thinking Sideways – Content Marketing for “Boring” Businesses – Moz Blog

Do you have a “boring” business you’re trying to market? Robin Swire presents some ideas and examples used to turn an ordinary product into an exciting one.


Leadership Lessons from the Sea – Intuit Blog

Katherine Gustafson gives us a few tips on leadership from a tall-ship officer and founder of the Nova Scotia Sea School. Giving everyone a place, freeing your mind and asking the right questions are all key.


Why Social Media Mining and Monitoring Have Met With Limited Success in MR – NewMR

Ray Poynter highlights a few successes of social media mining in market research, and also covers the limitations of social media monitoring and listening.


Common Small Business Website Mistakes – B2C

Business2Community provides an infographic detailing the common mistakes made by small businesses including poor SEO, limited social media engagement and no mobile optimization. 

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