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CEO of Ideascale

The TSA is getting a lot of press these days for doing something very simple: they are blogging about their security practices. People can read about why certain procedures are implemented, and can comment back with additional questions/concerns.
Blogging isn’t rocket science, and it isn’t anything new. However, more and more organizations are realizing that blogging is the next step in the evolution of customer feedback. To that end, we are always looking for new ideas to innovate.
Surveys, in their current form, produce structured quantitative data. We have many customers, however, come to us looking for ways to collect qualitative feedback. The problem of course, comes down to sifting through all those open ended text questions for meaningful data.
Our latest incarnation, IdeaScale, attempts to marry quantitative and qualitative data together in a very innovative way. Through the use of Digg-style forums, anyone can post a comment/idea, and visitors vote the idea up or down. In addition (and this is my favorite), you can easily configure the tool so that visitors cannot submit a comment until they rate a predefined number of ideas. This is really handy for large organization as it provides a way to harness the wisdom of the crowd to communicate the most important information.
Ask your sales representative about IdeaScale to see if this tool would be the right fit for you.

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