Communities - Ideas board stages

What are the different stages of idea?

When the panel member submits any idea on the community, the admin can update the status of the idea, before implementing the idea. Below are the status that the admin can update:

  • Active: This status means the idea is currently active and other members can see the ideas and vote.
  • In-Active: This status means the idea is currently in-active. When an idea is added, the status is by default in-active.
  • In Review: This status means the admin is reviewing the idea.
  • In Progress: The idea is in progress.
  • Completed: The idea is implemented or has been completed, and other portal members can see and vote the idea.

How can the admin update the status of an idea?

To update the status of an idea, go to:

  • $crumb.fullText
  • Click on Moderate Ideas
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Click on the arrow next to Active and select the correct status.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • The status will be updated on the portal as below:
  • Survey Software Help Image

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