Community Health Dashboard

Community Health Dashboard gives you the overall summary of your community. It gives you the graphical presentation of members profile and their status.

Go to: Communities >> Analytics >> Community Health

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What data can I find in Community Health Dashboard?

You can find the below data in Community Health Dashboard:

  • Leaderboard: Leaderboard shows the top 10 members with highest points.
  • Sign Ups: This will show the number of members signed up to the community.
  • Verified: Check the total number of verified members here.
  • Sessions: Total number of logins by the members. Each login is counted as a single session.
  • Member Activity: This shows the members activity based on the number of surveys taken, Idea Board and Topics participation and profile completion.
  • Member Distribution: This world map shows the communities members from different regions.
  • Profile Completion: This shows a graphical meter on the percentage of profile completed by community members.
  • Member Source Overview: This gives you the count and percentage on number of members signing up from different source.
  • Member status: Check the count here to know the number of verified, new, unsubscribed and email bounced.

You can check the data using different time filter.

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