Section Sub-Heading type question

The default for this question is to have a white background with contrasting color text in a large font size. Just like the Section Heading, you can format the text, but you cannot change the background color.

How can I add in Section Sub-Heading question?

    • Login »  Surveys »  Edit
  • Click on Add Questoin
  • Choose Section Sub-Heading from Standard Question Types.
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  • Enter the text desired in Display text.
  • Click Save Question.
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There are various settings available with this question type:-

1. Validation & Display settings:

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  • Validation:There are various types of validations QuestionPro provides.
    • You can code your own javascript validation for the question.Check how
  • Display: You can add alternating colors for your options. It becomes easier to read as well as it looks good. Check how

2. Look and Feel:

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  • Instructions/ Header: You can add instruction in the form of text which will be displayed on top of the question. Check how
  • Embed Video: You can insert a video into the question using Youtube or Image library. Check how
  • Question width: You can change the question width for the question in the survey. Check how


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above