Online surveys and Polls

Online polls and surveys can help you collect and understand current trends on important topics or can help you to conduct surveys and polls simply for fun. Setting up online polls using QuestionPro is very easy and requires no technical knowledge. Various customization options are available and the code for the voting polls is automatically generated. You can copy and paste the code to publish the online polls wherever required. Online polls can also be shared to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Data collection is done in real time and reports can be displayed instantaneously.

Difference between surveys and polls
Polls consist of only a single question whereas surveys allow multiple questions. That being said, with QuestionPro’s polling survey tool, you can have a single poll chained to different polls. Create a simple poll in minutes, take the code generated by the system and post it on your website. Your poll is ready and you can start collecting feedback from your users instantly.

Need customization?
Yes that can be done as well. We give you access to the css of the poll to make it look exactly like your website’s look and feel. Add your website’s color, text and your own logo.

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Online surveys and Polls

Online surveys and Polls

Create your own Online surveys and Polls

Creating MicroPolls

Creating MicroPolls has never been easier. It's Free, and you can create as many polls as you want. All aspects (color, theme etc.) can be customized to match you site's specifications.

MicroPoll Features

Create unlimited polls, collect unlimited responses. Add and embed (Copy/Paste) MicroPolls to websites, blogs, emails. No HTML/Server software required

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Andy Lui - CEO
Andy Lui - CEO, BuddyTV
The QuestionPro Advantage
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