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Please describe the ideal character you would have liked to have seen in a comic as a child (to the best of your ability to do so.)
01/29/2012 5877668 I would love to have awesome ladies to look up to!
11/03/2011 4251952 catwoman
01/23/2011 508849 Realistic not sexualised in a skimpy outfit and left in the background as a dumb female afraid of breaking her nails while her man goes off to be a thug.
Well rounded and reasonable but not rich.
01/10/2011 328320 Someone cool, confident, pretty, and a great fighter with witty remarks.
01/07/2011 316663 A woman with her own mind and values that kicked ass, doesn't care what anyone thinks and is looked up to.
01/05/2011 304347 Oh, god. Okay. I would have loved to see any kind of Western comic featuring a strong, non-sexualized woman without idealized comic anatomy fighting evil/saving the world. She wouldn't necessarily have to be a superhero, but being a superhero wouldn't make her lose points either.
01/04/2011 301897 Smart, in control and well put together, knows the risks going in, preferably a girl but a guy is fine, practical, doesn't wear a speedo (Batman wore it well but I had a hard time looking at Superman when I was a kid because I felt embarrassed for him). Definitely not a perfect person - they should have their flaws (even if it's as mundane as not liking their siblings- but not having the family story be a sobfest). Their backstory should not be a total sobfest, it's fine if there's tragedy or things they regret but please no more "My parents are deeeeeaadd!" They don't have to be a jack of all trades but I'd like them at least be good at something and not a waste of space outside of being a superhero. If they have a secret identity at least make it believable.
01/02/2011 296802 I would've liked to have encountered someone like Wonder Woman as a child, because I grew up with manga and Archie comics. Wonder Woman's a great role model, and I would've liked it if I read stories about strong, beautiful, intelligent and independent women.
01/02/2011 296078 A strong, reasonable, hispanic, female character. I don't get the chance to look up to many minorities in media.
01/02/2011 295933 someone sarcastic and nerdy, while still being able to cause a lot of damage if they needed to.
Please describe the ideal character that you would like to see in a comic now.
01/29/2012 5877668 Uh... well-represented LGBT characters and awesome ladies.
11/03/2011 4251952 catwoman
01/23/2011 508849 Same as previous answer.
01/10/2011 328320 Someone who knows who they are and is comfortable with themselves. They are excellent fighters from training and experience and have friends they can rely on for backup if necessary- they rarely do things alone. Someone who can think well under pressure and has constantly funny remarks is also quite exciting to read about.
01/07/2011 316663 Awesome female in a leading role.
01/05/2011 304347 See above. Plus maybe the caveat that not defining her identity in relation to the men in her life is a must.
01/04/2011 301897 Maybe a geek or someone whose very interested in a certain subject. Quirky. Someone who doesn't fit the mold (aka not the regular muscular white straight superhero) or if they do fit the mold at least make them interesting. Not a stereotypical character. They don't have to be a charismatic leader or emotionally stunted loner. There's a lot of anti-heroes going around and that's fine but I'd like someone who has to go further than just killing a person to stop them. Preferably someone who works with the supernatural. They don't have to do the fighting monsters all the time - there's are other ways to help people. If they're in a relationship or married they can struggle together but not flip out over "I'm putting him/her at risk but just being next to them! Oh, the woe!" They should have their flaws so they're not the "complete perfect example of how a person should be" type of character.
01/02/2011 296802 Just like above, I want a woman who's strong, beautiful, intelligent and independent.
01/02/2011 296078 A woman who can kick ass, keep her head on her shoulders, and not have to succumb to a love interest.
01/02/2011 295933 someone sarcastic and nerdy with clear flaws but also positive qualities. they should have more focus on mental ability than just beating people up, and they should have a realistic appearance - if it was really ideal she would be short and curvy with a bit of a belly, and she wouldn't have long flowing hair.