How alarmed are you for your own safety and/or your family's safety, about a possible swine flu pandemic?
I'm not at all worried yet.
I'm a little worried.
I'm very worried.
I'm sort of panicked.
Let's say that tomorrow you came down with start-of-cold symptoms. How scared would you be that it is the swine flu?
Not scared at all.
A little scared.
Very scared.
Assuming several cases of swine flu were diagnosed in the area where you live, which of these measures would you consider taking on your own, even if they were not yet recommended by public health officials? (Choose as many as applicable)
Washing my hands obsessively.
Wearing a face mask in public.
Keeping children home from school, even if it were not required.
Telecommuting, assuming my job allows me to.
Taking sick days or vacation days to stay home from work.
None of these things, if they were not recommended by public health officials.
I already do some of these things.

You are pretty sick, and the diagnosis comes back swine flu. How likely is it, do you feel, that you will die?
Almost impossible.
Not likely at all.
Certainly possible.
Very likely.
Do you consider yourself a hypochondriac?
No, not at all.
Yes, maybe a little.
Yes, though probably not officially diagnosable.
Yes, I'm a classic case.
Remember to wash your hands when leaving the chat.
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