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Wildly Eclectic Poll -- Door 1: MEN
Which do you buy mostly?
Salted butter
Unsalted butter
I buy 'em both.
You are ordering thin-crust pizza and must choose among these toppings. Which combination do you choose?
Green pepper
Green pepper and artichoke
Mushroom, onions, basil, artichoke, meatball
Pepperoni, black olive, mushrooms, oregano, green pepper
Here we have a news item out of a British newspaper:

Prince Philip mocked a teenage British Army cadet maimed by an Irish Republican Army bomb, the hero's mom charged -- setting off a storm of criticism of the royal family's perceived insensitivity.

Stephen Menary was just 14 when he lost his left arm and was nearly blinded. In 2002, Queen Elizabeth II asked him how much sight he had left. Philip broke in, joking, "Not a lot, judging by the tie he is wearing."


Did Philip do anything wrong?
Yes, this was really insensitive.
Maybe a little.
He did nothing wrong.
What we have here is a remarkable video. We do not know the provenance of any of these items; whether any of them was staged. But if you were told that one was staged, which would it probably be?
The big thing falling on the just-parked car.
The bank heist one.
The body falling from the balcony.
The kids nearly hit by the train.
The motorcycle race at the end.
This is the Date Lab from Dec. 27. It led to a major debate between me and a friend. Help us decide who was right.

What do you think of the guy?
I mostly like him.
Mostly, he's a real jerk.
Not sure.
Here are three examples of the comic strip "Arnold," from the 1980s. Based on these three examples, what do we think of it?

One | Two | Three

The question is, how good was this strip?
Very good
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