Alliance for a Livable Newport - 3 Questions, 3 minutes!
Exit Survey

You have a voice in the community! We want to hear from you about the important issues and concerns affecting our quality of life in Newport. We ask for your input and feedback with a simple survey of issues selected by the Board of Directors of The Alliance for a Livable Newport. We will also share the results of the survey and publish them online. Do you have additional questions, concerns or suggestions? Please let us know!

Thank you for participating in this month's survey! We really appreciate your feedback. Please be sure and visit our Facebook page where you can also post your comments! Stay connected, engaged and informed with The Alliance for A Livable Newport on our website:

*Please share this survey with your neighbors! We'd like to hear from as many Newport residents as possible and are actively seeking greater participation and new members!


Ron Becker, President

Alliance for a Livable Newport
Alliance for A Livable Newport -July 2013
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