Customer Feedback on Adams/Chassis and Adams/Car Integration
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Expansion of Event catalog: Expand the Adams/Car vehicle event catalog to provide a broader range of standard events.

General purpose utilities: Provide some additional utilities to increase productivity of users. By combining the "best practices" of these various utilities, customers should be able to obtain more consistent and robust answers.

Multi-run analysis: Provide framework such that users can combine multiple events and models into a single batch run of Adams (Adams/Chassis calls these "fingerprints"). This should provide for increased productivity when performing multiple tests during vehicle validation.

Framework and workflow: Adams/Chassis has a different framework and workflow from that of Adams/Car. Chassis users are provided with a front-end "dashboard" for editing and modifying model data. This allows the users to quickly make changes and compare the results. The tables could easily be exported to Excel for further processing or sharing. This is advantageous for the analyst who is interested more in the analysis and less in the details of the model. This mode could be integrated into the more graphical method of modifying models currently available in Adams/Car.

Expanded modeling objects: Expand the toolbox of automotive centric modeling entities. Providing this additional functionality should benefit users by allowing more novice users to build up models within the template-based environment.

Expansion of template library: Expand the template library to cover a broader range of vehicle architectures.

Flexible topology: Introduce the concept of flexible topology (which in Adams/Chassis is referred to as construction options). This allows the users to create multiple topologies in the same model without creating new templates for each.

Event-based post-processing: Provides users with post-processing templates that are tied to a particular event or collection of events. This allows the generation of standardized plotting and reports.

Python integration: Adams/Chassis is a python-based product, and template customization is performed in Python. Adams/Car should provide a python interface to the command language.

Data migration: Provides for shared (XML) database structure between Adams/Chassis and Adams/Car. This allows for a more seemless transition.

Improved Integration with Insight: Provide improved integration between Adams/Car and Adams/Insight

Integration with Analysis Manager: Allows users to send analyses to multiple machines for processing

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