Why is this survey being carried out – The survey is being carried out to find out the status of our knowledge management activities.
How will participating in this survey benefit you - Effective knowledge management is not just a fad, but it could directly benefit us because it will enable us to access the organization's know-how and information more efficiently and quickly, and thus improving the municipal system's effeciency. All this will result in speeding up your professional development and providing you with fresh intellectual challenges.

How long will it take to complete – The questionnaire should take you about 20 minutes to complete. Please see the detailed instructions on the following page.

Please complete the questions when you are unlikely to be disturbed. Also, do not dwell too long on any one question. Your first thoughts are usually your best choice. Even if some questions are not directly relevant to you – please do not ignore them. Your answers are essential in building an accurate picture of the issues that are important to improve knowledge management at the organization.

Intellectual Property - The survey questions have been extracted from the Knowledge Management Assessment Tool (KMAT) that was jointly developed by the American Productivity & Quality Centre and Arthur Anderson. The KMAT has been provided under license and is subject to the terms set out on the following page under the heading “Intellectual Property Rights”. Please note the restrictions on copyright and use.

What is the last date to complete the questionnaire – The questionnaire should be completed latest by 31st May 2014.

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If you have any queries or would like further information about this survey, please call me on 0555088228.

Thank you for your help.


Please contact Shaima AlJassmi (0555088228) if you have any questions regarding this survey.