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Establishing a chapter at your school connects you with thousands of student veterans across the country and gives you access to tools and resources to better support fellow student veterans on your campus. In order to become a chapter of Student Veterans of America, your prospective chapter must:

     1) Recognition by your Educational Institution as an official student organization on campus.

     2) Create a governing document (i.e. constitution, bylaws, charter, etc.) that establishes how the chapter will operate.

     3) Identify three points of contact: a Chapter Leader who is a current student veteran, a Chapter Advisor who is member of            the faculty or staff, and a Chapter Email address which is specific and unique to your student veteran group.

     4) Agree with each of the statements of understanding listed at the end of this application.

Please fill out the following form to apply to become an official SVA Chapter. Applications are typically approved within 1-2 weeks.
Enter the full, official name of your Educational Institution.
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Enter the full, official name of your prospective chapter. For example: 'Student Veterans Organization', 'Collegiate Veterans Association', 'Vets for Vets', etc.
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Chapter Student Leader First Name *
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Please provide us with your Educational Institution specific email address (.edu).
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Here you can provide SVA with a personal email address (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) so that we may continue to support you post-gradution as a part of the SVA Alumni Network.
Additional Chapter Student Leader Email (Personal)
Please provide us with a personal telephone number so that we may inform you about all of the exciting opportunities we have to offer your SVA Chapter.

NOTE: We no longer display SVA Chapter Leader's telephone numbers on our website. The number will only be used internally by SVA personnel. 
Chapter Student Leader Phone Number (Personal) *
Please provide us with the name and contact information of an Administrator or Faculty member who is advising your chapter at your Educational Institution.
Chapter Advisor First Name *
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Chapter Advisor Email *
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Facebook and other social media pages managed by prospective chapters are acceptable.
Chapter Website
If your chapter does not have an email address, you can create one free of charge through an email service provider such as Google or Yahoo mail. 
Chapter Email *
Your Chapter may have a Veterans Resource Center or similar phone number.
Chapter Phone Number
VA Certifying Official First Name
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VA Certifying Official Email
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Statement of Understanding
I certify that I am an authorized representative of my organization and that my organization would like to become a chapter of Student Veterans of America (SVA). *
I understand that my name and email address will be displayed on SVA's website under my Chapter's Account on the SVA Chapter Directory. NOTE: Chapter Leader's telephone numbers ARE NOT displayed on the website. *
I have the permission of my designated Chapter Advisor to provide SVA with their name, email address and phone number and understand that they will be displayed on SVA's website under my Chapter's Account on the SVA Chapter Directory. *
I affirm that any and all email addresses I provided may be added to SVA's mailing list. *
I attest that my prospective chapter is officially recognized as a student organization by the listed higher education institution. *
I affirm that there is not already an SVA chapter in existence on my campus. *
I affirm that my prospective chapter has created a governing document (Chapter Bylaws/Constitution) that establishes how our group will operate. *
I understand that SVA Chapters are subject to the authority of the policies of their institution of higher learning. *
I understand SVA reserves the right to terminate any SVA Chapter's membership at any time if they are deemed to have acted in a manner which is not aligned with SVA's Mission and Values.  *