Exit Survey
Resilience (Leadership View)

On the left side please indicate how important the factor is to you and then on the right side please indicate your level of agreement that the statement is true. 
Level of ImportanceLevel of Agreement
Not At All ImportantExtremely Important
Disagree StronglyAgree Strongly
(Sense of Coherence) Overall our team stays highly involved through both good and bad times
(Hardiness) Overall our team finds a way to endure challenging situations without too much difficulty
(Locus of Control) Overall our team has control over all the events that occur in their personal and work life
(Adaptability) Overall our team is able to change the way they do things quickly and easily
(Self-Efficacy) Overall our team can usually find a way to achieve the desired or intended results
(Learned Resourcefulness) Overall our team is effective in difficult situations
Please comment on your teams resilience.