Questions marked with an * are required
* Demographic Information
* 1. First Name
* 2. Last Name
* 3. What is your current job function?
Customer Service
G&A (including Finance and Legal)
* 4. Seniority
Individual Contributor
* 5. What is your Job Title?
* 6. Annual company revenue?
* 7. Industry?
* 8. Where are you located?
* Strategic Considerations
9. Please select the importance of each of the following in 2018:
Not Important Important Very Important Critical No opinion
* Revenue Growth
* Increased Market Share
* Profit Growth
* Customer Retention
* Cost Reduction
* Operational Efficiency
If other, please advise below:
10. What disruption do you expect in your business in 2018 as a consequence of:
No impact Some impact Significant impact No opinion
* Political Change in the US
* Global Terrorism
* Instability in the EU as a consequence of Brexit
* Currency volatility
* Instability or significant economic decline in China
* Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and other automation technologies
* Digital Transformation
If other, please advise below:
* 11. Do you trust corporations more or less than a year ago?
The same
* 12. Do you trust your government more or less than a year ago?
The same
13. Who do you trust to provide advice when making a purchase decision from a company? (Select all that apply)
The company's CEO
Employees in company
Expert in the company
Independent expert
Your peers in other companies
Company reputation
Social media
Your own independent research

* 14. Do you believe that a company's policy on diversity (gender, race, age, sexual orientation etc.) impacts its business performance?
No Impact
Little Impact
Some Impact
Major Impact
No Policy / NA
* 15. How would you rate your company's track record on diversity?
Very Poor
* 16. Do you take Diversity in to account when making a purchasing decision?
* Revenue Considerations
* 17. Relative to 2017: how do you expect your business to perform in 2018?
Major Decline
Minor Decline
Minor Improvement
Major Improvement
18. Please indicate if you agree with the following in the context of your own company:
Yes No N/A
* Our sales and marketing organizations work well together
* Our sales team effectively executes a sales process aligned with the customer's buying process
* Our sales team is effective at qualifying sales opportunities
* Marketing in our company is an effective investment of the company's resources
* Our sales organization is effective at presenting a solution aligned with the customer's needs
* Our marketing team delivers a reasonable number of qualified sales opportunities
* We are effective at maximizing the potential revenue from our major accounts
* The salesperson cares deeply about the customer's success
* Our salespeople are overpaid for what they achieve
* Our sales team can present our unique value to customers
Yes No N/A
* Customers are more in control of the buy/sell process than ever before
* Sales coaching is effective in our organization
* Our marketing team understands our customers
* Before most customer meetings, the seller has a clear plan on what they should achieve, and how to achieve it
* Our sales team is effective at maximizing the value of each deal
* The salesperson is an advocate for their customer
* Sales and marketing are effective at leveraging social media
* Our marketing team understands our products
* Our sales team is effective at gaining access to key buying influencers
* Our first-line sales managers are able to do their job effectively
* Our sales team is good at uncovering the customer's business problem
* Sales people are singularly motivated by money
* We close deals as originally forecasted
* Our customer retention rate is materially in line with our plan
19. Improvement Opportunities: What are the top priority challenges to address for 2018? (If not important, or not applicable to you, please leave the check-box blank):
Top Priority
Sales-cycle times
Number of qualified sales opportunities
Revenue from existing customers
New customer acquisition
Average size of deals with new customers
Alignment of Sales and Marketing
Understanding the customer's business
Account Based Marketing
Effectiveness of first-line sales management
Opportunity Win Rate
Top Priority
Time to on-board new sales hires
Effectively connecting your solutions to the customer's business problem
The customer experience
Product quality
Utilization of Social Media
Sales systems and infrastructure
Marketing systems and infrastructure
Customer service systems and infrastructure
* Baseline Measurements
* 20. Do you use a sales methodology?
Plan to this year
Yes, Partially
Yes, Always
* 21. What's the typical length of your sales cycle (in days)?
* 22. What is the average deal size (in $ USD)?
23. What is the average opportunity win rate (%)?
24. What % of your product portfolio do you sell to each customer?
* 25. What is the average time for a new sales hire to achieve full productivity?
<1 Month
1-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
>12 Months
* Closing Questions
* 26. Gender?
Would rather not say
* 27. Age bracket?
Millennial / Gen Y <35
Gen X 35-50
Baby Boomer >50
I'd rather not share
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