The somewhat surprising retirement announcement made by Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) earlier this week took an already difficult political cycle for Republicans and turned it into something closer to a nightmare. Should he have run for a seventh term in 2008, Domenici would have been easily reelected -- even though some Democrats were making noise about his potential vulnerability.

So where does New Mexico rank on this month's Line? Click here for Chris Cillizza's answer, then submit your own below.
Submit your own ranking of this week's top ten most likely Senate seats to switch parties in 2008. As always, the No. 1 ranked race should be the most likely to be controlled by the other party after the next election.
Alaska (R)
Colorado (R)
Louisiana (D)
Maine (R)
Minnesota (R)
Nebraska (R)
New Hampshire (R)
New Mexico (R)
Oregon (R)
Virginia (R)
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