The retirements just keep coming for House Republicans. In the past month, five more Republican incumbents decided against seeking another term in 2008. Two hail from districts -- New Mexico's 1st and Ohio's 16th -- where Democrats will be even money bets (or better) to win next year.

So where House Democrats' new opportunities rank on this month's Line? Click here for Chris Cillizza's answer, then submit your own below.
Submit your own ranking of this week's top ten most likely House seats to switch parties in 2008. As always, the No. 1 ranked race should be the most likely to be controlled by the other party after the next election.
Arizona 1st (R)
California 4th (R)
Florida 16th (D)
Georgia 8th (D)
Illinois 11th (R)
Minnesota 3rd (R)
New Mexico 1st (R)
Ohio 15th (R)
Ohio 16th (R)
Texas 22nd (D)
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