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DOOR ONE: Under 30

Think about your first distinct anecdotal memory. Not something you have re-created from what a parent or older sibling might have told you, but the first memory of a scene or a moment in your life that you know you retain. How old were you at the time?
Under two
Between two and three
Between three and four
Between four and five
Between five and six
Between six and seven
Seven or over

What was the nature of this first memory?
Something positive
Something negative
Something neutral

Think about the first U.S. President you remember, in real time. How old were you, exactly, at the time?
Six or under
Eleven or older

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Under 15.
15 or 16
17 or 18
19 or 20
21 or 22
22 or 23
Over 23
I'm still a virgin

Did you ever shoplift, even once?

How recently did you last shoplift?
Within the last five years
Within five to 10 years
Within ten to 20 years
More than 20 years ago
I SAID I never shoplifted, dammit.

In your life, have you ever told what you consider a "serious" lie?

What was the nature of the most serious lie you ever told? (Choose whichever answer is closest to explaining it)
To disguise something I felt was illegal
To disguise something I felt was immoral
To disguise something I felt was unethical
To hide an infidelity
To prevent someone from being disappointed in me
To prevent someone from disliking me
To avoid hurting someone
As I said, I never told a serious lie.
This week's poll brought to you by repressed memories.
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