2021 Building Owners Survey
Thank you for your participation in Building Design+Construction's "What Owners Want" survey. 

This exclusive research report from the editors of BD+C will explore the changing and most-pressing needs of building owners and developers. From project financing to client service to design, construction, and operations, this research will break down emerging trends, innovations, and the biggest wants and needs among owners/developers. 

A recap of the findings of this survey will be featured in the Jan/Feb 2021 issue Building Design+Construction, with full coverage to follow on BDCnetwork.com. All survey participants who provide their contact information will be sent a link to download a PDF report with the complete findings from the report. 

Your response will provide valuable information to the design, development, and construction industry. Please be assured that all survey results are completely confidential.

Thanks again!  - Robert Cassidy, Executive Editor, BD+C
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