I’ll get straight on with the list. I’m going highlight seven table tennis mistakes I noticed at the weekend and with other beginner players I coach.
I could have done a longer list, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information at once. So this list includes the biggest issues which you need to fix.
1. Holding the bat too tight
If you hold bat too tight, your muscles in your wrist and arm will also be tight. This will restrict and slow your arm movement and make your strokes jerky. And you will find it harder to change bat angle when switching from one stroke to another, e.g. forehand drive to backhand drive. Overall you will have less feeling and control.
Instead, try to keep a looser grip. This will allow you to use your wrist more to generate spin. You will find it easier to switch between strokes and change bat angle. And you will be able to play faster shots, as your body will be more relaxed and able to move more freely and it is easy to play by holding the grip perfectly it helps us to play ping pong game easily
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