How much you know about digital transformation?

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Currently, what is your sector?
In your opinion, how could Digital Transformation contribute to your sector?
Based on your expertise, Do you believe that companies of your sector are prepared for Digital Era beyond Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet?
Nowadays, what is the technology readiness level of the digital solutions in your sector?
How is reacting your company to Digital Transformation today?
Which are the pillars on Digital Transformation process in your company?
In your opinion, are executives, managers, employees ready to lead the evolution/the digital transformation of your company?
Do you believe that customer- solutions’ provider relationship will be redefined in the future?
What should be improved to succeed in the execution of digital transformation project in your company?
Based on your expertise, what will the impact of the following solutions in your company?
no needed
360 process overview
Business intelligence indexes
Condition-based monitoring
Failure detection and forecast
Predictive analytics
Assets remaining useful life (RUL)
Scheduling optimization
Supply chain optimization
IT/Data solution architectures
On-process quality control
no needed
Decentralized Edge-to-any
Cognitive advisor
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