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Hello, my name is Jozef. I'm the founder of INFOREXX, and I appreciate your interest in working with us. I'm sure that together we will have excellent cooperation and lots of fun.
I preferably work with motivated people who drive their ideas, such as creators, developers, designers, and testers in freelance form or driving their own business. The most important thing is that you like putting your hands on the work, delivering your best ideas and being motivated by creating new things.
But first things first. As part of the introduction, I'd like to hear more from you. Firstly, I want to know more about your technical experience and motivation. 
Please fill out this questionnaire. It is simple and straightforward, and you will need about 10 minutes to finish it. Please bear in mind that this is the initial step in the expert selection process, and it doesn't constitute any legal obligation on your or the INFOREXX side.
I'm very open to any innovative presentation of yourself or the work you have done so far. Please feel free to provide your documents or artefacts about yourself, your creations or your business to the email 
Last but not least, please be aware that you take part in the project-specific delivery as an expert, self-employed or via your limited company. INFOREXX currently doesn't offer full-time employment jobs.
Any evidence of your great work is very much appreciated!
Please contact me via email at when you finish this questionnaire.
Thank you
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