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Welcome! We're pleased that you've joined us and we're excited to share this Guide to support your work with parents. 

The Guide gives you access to the best of 25 years of wisdom we've gained from training and supporting AP parent group leaders around the world.

Parent group leaders tell us that when their work aligns with API's research-based Eight Principles of Parenting, they gain a helpful framework that helps them support parents.
Parents report feeling a sense of relief, belonging, trust and deep support in their groups when their leaders follow the API Principles. This foundation helps them gain confidence and find healthy ways to work through parenting challenges. Parents find their own struggles lighten as they  share their experiences and encouragement to help fellow parents. Parents who feel supported like this feel less stress and are more willing to try new skills. The results are familes who enjoy healthy, flourishing relationships with their children.

The Guide consists of 50 slides with readings, links, videos, reflection activities and other resources organized in a workbook format. Leaders tell us that working through rotations of study and reflection with someone else helps them feel more comfortable identifying parent strengths and coaching them to use those strengths to become more effective and confident. You may be able to finish everything in a week or two, but we encourage you to work through the material with a partner, mentor, coach or experienced group leader.

To receive a link to the Guide and get started, answer the questions below to help us learn more about you.  We'll be in periodic contact to collect your feedback and send relevant updates. 

There is no requirement that you use this guide and in using it, you agree to use it as intended for promoting helpful and beneficial, non-clinical parenting support. This material should not be used as the basis for any clinical diagnosis or treatment and API does not assume responsibility for misuse or misrepresentation of this material or leader application of this material. 
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