Parent Group Facilitator Orientation

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This Orientation Guide will help you learn more about using API's Eight Principles of Parenting to support parents. Complete this 2-minute registration form to help us learn about your inspiration and ideas and you'll be ready to get started. 

What the Guide will help you do:

-  use the API's Eight Principles of Parenting as a framework to understand and support healthy parenting

-  create a sense of belonging in your group that lowers stress, promotes positive knowledge sharing and helps parents build healthy family relationships

- start and grow a group using wisdom we've distilled from training and supporting hundreds of AP parent group leaders around the world for over 25 years 

- gain basic knowledge to help you work with us as a volunteer

How to Use the Guide: 
- you're in charge! Work at a pace that meets your needs
- engage with the 50 short lessons and references workbook-style 
- enlist a partner who's willing to help you review what you're learning
- enjoy!

Important fine print: there is no requirement that you use this Guide and in using it, you agree to use it as intended for promoting helpful and beneficial, non-clinical parenting support. This material should not be used as the basis for any diagnosis or treatment and API does not assume responsibility for misuse or misrepresentation of this material or leader application of this material. 
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Prior training or experience is helpful but not required to use this Guide. Sharing your experience with us helps us learn more about you and others like you who might find the Guide useful.

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