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Survey: The Future of BoatNerd

BoatNerd turned 22 last year and is in dire need of a makeover the extent and expense of which has us questioning if the site is still relevant in today’s world. It has grown so large that it is very difficult to remake into a new site, and our outdated technology makes it almost impossible for us to take on volunteer help.

The site is costly to maintain, and our main source of funding, freighter trip raffles, are no longer easy to come by.

The rise of social media has made many parts of the site obsolete; our volunteers put a great number of hours into compiling news and photos, much of which has already been posted across social media. The immediacy and ease of use of social media make the use of those platforms attractive. One big drawback of social media is a lack of archiving. Once you see something, it is difficult to locate again. BoatNerd is archived, and posts and photos can be easily revisited at any time.

The tentative plan is to continue the site and adjust which features continue based on user feedback. You will still be able to view the information on the site, such as photos and vessel histories, the features that require extensive volunteer hours like the News Page and AIS system will be discontinued unless demand is there.

Based on what our users say, and the potential for self-supporting revenue (such as selling ads, or an annual donation drive), we will move forward with the appropriate action by either modernizing or discontinuing the website.

While we still have strong viewership, we would like to ask our users if you think BoatNerd is still relevant. Please help us plan for the future by taking this short survey: