BurlingtonGreen Future Focus Survey

Together with the community, we have achieved tremendous impact during the past 15 years.  We know that the well-being of the environment needs our collective efforts more than ever before.

Pressures from growth, climate change impacts, biodiversity loss, and more, all require immediate and effective ACTION. A greener future needs a plan, a dedicated focus, leadership, and of course, contributions from everyone. 

The development of our next 5-year strategic plan (2024-2028) is underway and we are inviting YOU to share your valued input to help us to be a more effective organization, and to shape our future focus. 

About the survey:

- It should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on your responses.
- The survey is anonymous and is accessible to anyone who would like to complete and submit it. 
- Optional: All Halton residents that submit a survey may be entered into a draw for a chance to win a BG Eco-Prize Pack, that we will deliver to you (in Halton). After completing the survey, a link will be provided for you to share your contact information, so your survey feedback remains anonymous.

Thank you very much in advance for sharing your valued input.
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