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4. Approximately, how many CLL Society Tribunes have you read either in entirety or selected articles? The CLL Society Tribune (our quarterly newsletter) is emailed posted on the CLL Society website four times a year.
5. What are your favorite sections of the CLL Society Tribune? (Please select all that apply)
6. What are the primary reasons you read the CLL Society Tribune? (Please select all that apply)
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8. Do you usually comprehend the content in the CLL Society Tribune? Please rate the content of the CLL Society Tribune in terms of complexity.
9. Have you shared information you have learned from the CLL Society Tribune with your doctor and/or other members of your treatment team?
10. For the first time in 2020, the CLL Society will offer two special edition Tribunes devoted to one topic including: Measurable Residual Disease (MRD) and CAR-T Therapies. If CLL Society continues to include special editions, what topics would interest you?
11. What can CLL Society do to improve our content or distribution of the Tribune?