Confidence Slayers
Confidence Slayers in the workforce – people who by actions or words chip away at others’ confidence stifling progress, ideas, and most importantly impacting others' drive and motivation. Please answer all 10 questions in the survey. This survey should take no more than 5 minutes. All answers are anonymous. Contact info@mcbridesmithtraining.com for questions.

Questions marked with a * are required
Are you dissatisfied at work because you work around or report to confidence slayers?
What is your level of confidence at work?
Do you feel your ideas are well-received and you have a sense of accomplishments at work?
Do you work with mean people?
Before the pandemic, did you feel discouraged at work going to the office, lacking confidence in your skills and abilities?
During meetings, in-person or virtual, do you dread speaking up and engaging when the confidence slayers are in attendance?
Select the following regarding general like for:
Generally like
Somewhat like
Do not like
Your boss
Your coworkers
Do you say you understand when you really do not and have questions and/or ideas but the confidence slayer is in the room and you are altering your behavior? 
When you are having a 1-1 meeting with the confidence slayer (s), how do you feel? Select all that applies.
What role describes you best after mulling over this topic and these questions?  
If you want to discuss training and how we can support you, or if you want to tell your confidence slayer story and be part of the conversation, fill out the following information. Bear in mind your feedback will be used in different medias (social, podcast, etc.) No names or companies will be disclosed. 
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