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The Annual FHI 360 IMPACT Awards recognize the most outstanding organizational contributions made by individuals and teams around the world.  Help ensure that the best and brightest of FHI 360 are honored with an IMPACT Award by making your nomination below. Please be sure to complete every field and be descriptive in your response. IMPACT Award descriptions are provided within this form for your convenience and also available on the IMPACT Awards page.

It is suggested that you type the details reason for award submission into a text program (Word, Notepad, etc.) and then copy into the appropriate field.  If you have any questions about the program, or have any trouble submitting a nomination, please contact IMPACT@FHI360.org

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Select the desired award below, and click NEXT to enter the reason for your nomination.  If you need more time to enter the wording, choose SAVE PAGE and CONTINUE LATER.  You will be asked to enter your email so a link can be sent for you to finalize the nomination.

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Enterprise and Corporate Services
Emerging Leaders
Team Leadership
Outstanding Effort
The David Barry "Think Big" Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The Lynda Cole Award for Excellence
Business Development
Client Satisfaction and Program Management
Program Excellence
Scientific and Technical Leadership
Integrated Development
Knowledge Sharing