Oil & Gas Industry Awards
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Thank you for taking the time to support and celebrate the efforts and strides of organisations and individuals that have supported and promoted the growth of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

Nomination Guidelines

Please read the following instructions carefully.
  • Nominations may be submitted either directly from a company (self nomination), or from a third party. 
  • Nominations for the various award must be carried out on the portal only. No entry should be printed and submitted in hard copy to the Ministry or any of its agencies
  • All nominations are expected to be supported by citation / evidence to explain the reason(s) for nomination. The evaluation council will review these evidence(s) against the established criteria as a basis for selecting the finalists for the different categories 
  • The criteria against which all nominees will be judged are explained below and should be read carefully before developing the evidence to support the nomination
  • The various awards categories will be awarded along the industry segments as highlighted in the table below. For example: Technology and Innovation Award will be presented to an International Company as well as a National Company (the national company may be an operator or a service company)

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