5 Ways to Care for your ESA Properly
Do you want to keep your emotional support animal healthy? Taking care of your emotional support animal is your responsibility, just like it is their responsibility and purpose to provide you the required emotional support. But, how do you actually do it?
First things first, get a genuine ESA letter to avoid any possible difficulties and before getting it, check an online emotional support animal letter sample to check its contents.
Once you are done with the paperwork and got your ESA at home, make a proper schedule and plan for its care and wellbeing. To give you an idea of what to add in it, we have discussed some important points below.

1. Have a Combined Exercise Session
Exercise is important for both you and your emotional support dog. It will help you in staying fit, shedding some pounds and connect with your dog at a deeper level. Both you and your dog could gain weight due to the lack of exercise, therefore, have a daily 30 minutes walking or running session with Coco.
2. Follow a Healthy Diet Plan for your Dog
Just because it is an animal, it does not mean that it does not need nutritious and balanced diet. Consult a veterinarian, check online and talk to the people in the pet stores, some type of food could be suitable for one dog and cat breed but may not be as suitable for another. Be careful when giving treats also.
3. Regular Visits to Veterinarian
Much like ourselves, animals also need proper medical care to function properly and stay healthy. Talk to the doctor and schedule a regular visit each month. Visiting the doctor regularly will help in identifying an illness at its early stage.
This early diagnosis will help the doctor to cure the disease before it gets worse and this will be light on your wallet also.
4. Regular Grooming
Taking your dog or cat to the doctor is not enough. You should groom your animal at home also. Cut their nails, brush their hair, clean their teeth and give them a bath to keep them clean and healthy.
Neglected grooming can result in matted hair and other problems that could lead to long term defects.
5. Proper Affection and Discipline
Affection and discipline goes hand in hand. Like us, they also need attention, care and affection to grow and be happy. Give your animal ample space to move around and play and it is important for its physical and mental growth.
Besides affection, disciplining your animal, especially an ESA dog, is also important. Instead of yelling and punishing it, use gentle but firm reinforcement methods.
Having an emotional support animal comes with loads of responsibilities like getting esa letter for housing and looking after its well being and keeping it disciplined and happy.
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