NCL CCG Exit Interview

As you are leaving, the CCG would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire. Your responses will be used to gain insight into your experiences within the CCG to improve practices for present and future employees.

The information gathered will be presented in a similar way to the responses to the Annual Staff Survey. Exit questionnaire data will be presented on a quarterly basis to the Executive Management Team, allowing them to see trends across the CCG. No personal data will be shared with the Executive Management Team.

Please note that all questions are optional and only HR will have access to your individual responses to this questionnaire and your personal data. Your personal identifiable data will not be shared outside of the HR Team. Your individual responses to the questionnaire will only be shared with your manager or Executive Director with your consent.

Please complete all sections of the questionnaire that best describes your experience with the CCG.
Section One - Your Details
What was your post title?
Did you work full time or part-time?
What is your directorate?
What is your department?
What is your base location?
Who is your line manager? (name and job title)
What was your end date at the CCG?
Section 2 - Reason for Leaving
Please select the reasons influencing your decision to leave the CCG (tick all that apply)
If you would like to elaborate on any of the above, please specify here:
Section 3: Destination on Leaving
Please select your destination on leaving
Section 4: Your Experience at the CCG
Your Role
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
I enjoyed working for the organisation
The job description given to me when I took the job accurately described the role
I felt valued in my role
I found my job interesting and rewarding
The workload in my job was acceptable
There were opportunities for advancement / career progression in my job
My problems / concerns about my role were dealt with promptly
My skills were used effectively
My working relationship with my colleagues were good
If you would like to elaborate on any of the above, or make suggestions on what could be improved about the job, please specify:
The Organisation
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
The organisation’s values were demonstrated by staff
The organisation’s values were demonstrated by management
The organisation promoted personal development equally for all staff
I did not witness any bullying, harassment or discrimination in the organisation
I was able to raise concerns around bullying and harassment within the department or wider organisation
Internal communications about the organisation worked well
My induction allowed me to get a better understanding of the organisation
I was aware of the Staff Networks and the work that they do
I would recommend the CCG as a place to work
If you would like to elaborate on any of the above, or suggest what could be improved about the organisation, please specify:
Management Support
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Had sufficient knowledge of the job I was carrying out
Was experienced in supervision
Was open to suggestions
Recognised my achievements and contributions
Offered and promoted staff and career development
Clearly communicated management decisions and how they would affect my work
I felt supported by my line manager
My line manager was professional in all of their working relationships
Ensured the right training was available to me
Arranged regular 1:1 meetings, appraisals and kept me informed of my progress
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Treated my team fairly and equitably
If you would like to elaborate on any of the above, or suggest ways that Management could improve, please specify:
Health and Wellbeing/Working Environment
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
I felt Health and Safety in the CCG was taken seriously
I felt my wellbeing was respected by the CCG
My diversity needs were sufficiently met by CCG
I was able to achieve a healthy work/life balance whilst working at the CCG
I felt supported to work flexibly as and when I needed to
I felt physically comfortable carrying out my role from either home or the office
I was encouraged and able to take adequate breaks throughout the working day
I felt that the CCG promoted mental and physical health initiatives
I was aware and able to utilise the staff benefits on offer within the CCG
If you would like to elaborate on any of the above, or suggest ways that Health and Wellbeing could be improved in the CCG, please specify:
If you would like to elaborate on the above, or suggest what improvements or benefits the CCG could make to retain staff, please specify:
Equality and Diversity Data (Optional)
Please note that all questions below and optional. If you choose to answer them, the CCG would like to assure you that they will will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. All responses have been ordered alphabetically.

Diversity monitoring is critical to opening our eyes to any discrimination and unfair treatment, and identifying any potential issues that may be preventing certain groups of staff from progressing in their careers. The equality monitoring information that staff provide helps us to make sure our policies, practices and behaviours comply with the equality duty and are in line with our CCG’s values. It also helps us identify policies and behaviours which may negatively affect staff from different communities- and develop corrective measures. 
What is your gender?
What is you age group?
What is your ethnic background? (Categories supplied by ...)
If you selected "Any other ethnic background" in the question above, please specify:
How do you identify?
What is your religion?
Do you have any physical or mental health conditions, disabilities or illnesses that have lasted or are expected to last for 12 months or more?
If you answered yes to the question above, has your employer made adequate adjustment(s) to enable you to carry out your work?
Feedback on the Exit Questionnaire:
Please rate how you found this exit questionnaire
Please comment or suggest how we can improve the exit questionnaire:
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