UMFPL Community Input Survey

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Hello Community Member! 
Please take a moment to answer this 9 question survey to help the library set its overall goals for the future by incorporating what you think our priorities should be. The mission of the Upper Moreland Free Public Library is to bring people together by providing free and equitable access to diverse resources, fostering life-long learning, and promoting cultural enrichment in a fiscally responsible manner. 
To be entered into a drawing for a free iPad mini 5, all questions must be answered completely and you must provide your first name with an email address or telephone number. Contact information will only be used for the purposes of contacting the winner and will not be associated with survey responses nor will it be shared. Survey can only be taken once.
Name and email/telephone here
1.Are you a resident of Upper Moreland?
2.Are you in favor of a drive-up, driver-side book drop box in our parking lot?
How would you rate each of the following library services and resources?
Don't know/Not Applicable
Customer Service
The availability of physical collections (books, DVDs, music, newspapers, kits, periodicals, etc)
Programs, classes, story times, etc
Online services (website, catalog, research databases, etc.)
Computers, printers, photocopier
WiFi access and speed
Hours of operation
4.How important are each of the following library services or resources?
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Don't know/Not Applicable
Borrowing physical materials (books, magazines, DVDs, music, etc.)
Assistance from librarians
Programs, classes, story times, meetups
Computers, printers, photocopier
Study rooms/reading areas
Community meeting rooms
WiFi access
Used Book Sales
Borrowing from other libraries (Inter-library loans)
5.Rank your top 3 of how you prefer to be informed of library events and new offerings.  If you choose other, please provide your idea. 
Facebook/Social media
Bi-weekly emails
Monthly emails
Quarterly emails
Library bulletin board
I plan to attend a library event, take part in a challenge or take-home kit at some point this year.  
If you choose yes, only attend an event is currently available to choose.
7.How do you choose your borrowed items from the library?
(1 - most preferred, 4 - least preferred, use Other to write in something not listed) 
I like to view my options and reserve through the library’s online catalog
I like to browse the library and be surprised
I consult the library’s printed recommendations 
I consult a library staff member
8.Overall how would you rate the library?
9.Is there anything else you want to share with the Upper Moreland Free Public Library?
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