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Dear colleague,

Welcome to the i-Portunus Houses survey on current and future forms and practices of mobility for artists and cultural professionals.

The i-Portunus Houses project is dedicated to testing and analysing diverse transnational mobility schemes for local hosts, artists and cultural professionals within the 40 Creative Europe countries + UK. One of the key components of the i-Portunus Houses project is the research that is conducted on the current state-of-the-art and future opportunities for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals. The research is driven with the aim of proposing a set of recommendations for the future of cross-border mobility grant schemes specifically for the cultural sector that would improve mobility infrastructure. This aim becomes ever more urgent in these times of pandemic crisis, which also necessitate the reconsideration of previous mobility models.

This survey is open to artists and cultural professionals working in all arts and cultural fields in 40 Creative Europe countries + UK that have experience or interest in mobility of artists/cultural professionals. The survey seeks to collect their needs, experiences, interests, motivations, and priorities in relation to cross-border mobility for artists and cultural professionals.

For the purposes of the research, the mobility of artists and cultural professionals is understood as the temporary, cross-border travel of artists and cultural professionals with the purpose of creating (the working purpose), connecting (networking opportunities), exploring (creative research), and learning (education and capacity-building opportunities).

On average it takes 20 minutes to fill out this questionnaire. We would like to emphasise that open-ended questions are not mandatory, and you can answer them if you want to express your opinions and viewpoints on different aspects of the mobility of artists and cultural professionals.

The survey is completely anonymous, and the Kultura Nova Foundation, European Cultural Foundation, and MitOst are committed to discretion and the protection of the individual data of the respondents. The researchers will maintain the confidentiality of the research records and data.

The survey is in English.

Please fill in the survey no later than 1 October, 2021.

In case of any additional questions feel free to contact us at the email address iportunus@kulturanova.hr.

Thank you for responding to our survey. Your willingness to devote your time to the contribution of useful information is highly appreciated.

i-Portunus Houses

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