Dragon Burn Art Application Letter of Intent (LOI) 龙焰艺术申请信

Hi there  Dragon Burner!  We are so happy to hear you're interested in creating an out of this world experience at the 2020 burn happening May 1-5th! The theme this year is Intergalactic Harmony and we're really looking forward to a "stellar" burn!  This year, we're trying something new: we have a two-step application process.  With this first application, we just want to get a little basic information from you to help us understand your project & how it fits in with Dragon Burn ethos. We recommend you do this on your computer. After it is received, it will be reviewed by the Ministry of Art (Mini Art) and a minister will contact you with a link to a second and more comprehensive application.  In this second step, you will be asked detailed questions, including proposed budget, space, and schedule.  It would be helpful to start to get these together while waiting for a reply.  The deadline for applications (having completed both steps) is by Saturday, February 22nd. Before completing this form, please also check out the Art projects page on the dragon burn website here: https://www.dragonburn.org/participate/art-projects/It may be a good idea to screenshot this or anything else you find important! Got it?

嗨,龙焰参与者们!我们很高兴听到你有兴趣在2020年5月1日至5日的本次龙焰中创造一个与众不同的体验!今年的主题是银河共振,我们非常期待这届来自“恒星”的龙焰!今年,我们正在尝试一些新的东西:我们有一个包含两个步骤的申请过程。对于第一个申请,我们只需要从你那里获得一些基本信息,以帮助我们理解你的项目&它如何符合龙焰的精神。我们建议您在电脑上执行此操作。当收到材料后,将由艺术部(Mini Art)进行审查,部长将与你联系,提供第二份更全面的申请链接。在第二步中,将向你提出详细的问题,包括拟议预算、空间和日程安排。在等待答复的同时,你可以先行准备会更有帮助。申请截止日期(完成两个步骤)是2月22日星期六。在填写此表格之前,请查看龙焰网站上的艺术项目页面:https://www.dragonburn.org/participate/art-projects/大家明白了吗?
This program funds: Dragon Burn-bound highly-interactive, community-driven works of art that prioritize community involvement in their development, execution and display. We fund art that prompts the viewer to act. We like art that can be experienced in more ways than visually – art that is touched, heard or experienced as well as viewed. We prioritize funding art that involves the audience in its conception, creation and presentation. We cover transportation costs from our art truck the week before the burn to Anji. Funding is reimbursed within a month after the Burn.  What can participants do with art at the burn?

We do not fund: Art that is part of a theme camp, labor costs, transportation of equipment to the art truck located in Shanghai, DJ/visual equipment. If you need these things, we suggest to beg, borrow, fundraise, up-cycle and find a way! Feelings? 

Contact Information
What is the name/title of your arts project?  艺术项目名称
Please describe your project in 1-3 paragraphs in either English or Chinese, explaining the basic idea of what you'd like to do and how it relates to at least one of the 10 principles of Burning Man which are: 


彻底的包容性 | radical inclusion
馈赠 | gifting
拒绝商品化 | decommodification
彻底的自力更生 | radical self-reliance
彻底的自我表现 | radical self-expression
共同努力 | communal effort
公民责任 | civic responsibility
不留痕迹 | leaving no trace
参与性 | participation
直接性 | immediacy
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