Personal Innovation Fitness Survey

Are you innovative?  Are you an idea champion?  Are you motivated to identify where things can be improved or reinvented and then act upon it?  Are you a person who is able to think imaginatively and are confident enough to take on bold new projects and guide them to completion?  Are you able to adapt and be resourceful in unexpected situations and bring new value to the world?  To what degree do you possess these qualities and innovation skills?  Would you like to know? 

We have learned from numerous client engagements across multiple industries and over many years that the best innovators share some common qualities. If you recognize these personality traits and abilities in yourself, give yourself credit! If you’re looking to become an accomplished innovator, we have identified 20 critical areas (10 mindsets and 10 skillsets) worthy of development.

Take the self-assessment and discover your current innovation fitness profile.
                                            Personal Innovation Fitness
Mindset + Skillset = Your Capacity to Produce New Value