academic responses to corporate exodus narratives
I have a corporate exodus narrative.
I took a pay cut to work in academia.
At times I suffer from imposter syndrome.
I’m not always sure where tech comm should fit in the academic disciplines (should it be in English, Rhet/Comp, Humanities, Linguistics, Engineering, somewhere else?) 
The classes I teach span a wide range of totally different genres and topics.
I have little motivation for publishing outside of peer-reviewed journals.
Teaching technology is the classroom is not practical given the diversity of technologies and many specializations within tech comm.
I would be highly interested in consulting a topic bank populated by practitioners listing topics they want more information about.
My academic colleagues outside of tech comm (e.g., within the English Literature Dept.) often have no idea what technical communication consists of.
My feelings toward corporations are somewhat … complicated. I feel both a push and pull with corporate agendas/needs.
I find the academic space just as frustrating as the corporate space, but in ways that are more tolerable for me.
I feel like my research goes unnoticed by practitioners and has little real-world influence.
I am troubled that my research doesn't have more influence on practitioners in the workplace.
This post paints a fair picture of tech comm academics.
I’d like to share my corporate exodus narrative. Here is is:
I have other feedback to share. Here it is:
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