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WHAT is ToolBank: 
A force multiplier. We provide access to a wealth of physical tools (carpentry, landscape, janitorial, special events equipment, etc.) & tool types that help our partners achieve their most ambitious community goals across a diversity of impact areas throughout our shared community. When we provide this access to tools, our partners are empowered to work on the front lines of the most entrenched problems facing our community. We exist to equip all community-based organizations and their volunteers with the tools needed to get their projects done.

WHY we do what we do - it’s simple: 
To save community-based organizations time and money, to equip more volunteers with the right tools, to build hope, spirit, and pride throughout our shared communities.

HOW would a local ToolBank benefit charitable organizations:
The ToolBank empowers community-based organizations to undertake larger, more frequent & diverse projects. Common projects include community clean-up days, home repairs for senior adults, special events, facility maintenance, groundskeeping and landscaping, and disaster response and recovery efforts. 

WHO can use the ToolBank: 
The ToolBank is available to any community-based organization with charitable intent, including nonprofit organizations, faith communities, schools, and neighborhood or civic associations. The ToolBank inventory is not accessible by individuals, however, those individuals can be directly served by community-based organizations that borrow tools from us.
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