Exit Survey
Northern California Indian Development Council, Inc.
We are asking you to complete this survey so we can better understand the needs of California Native American Communities. The information is used to determine the funding and priorities for services needed by Native people and communities for the next several years. This way, a variety of different programs can target their limited resources to where they have the most impact.

These programs include services for elders, youth, employment and training, energy assistance, emergency and disaster assistance, and a variety of other programs.

Hearing your voice will assist us in making sure we are meeting real needs in your tribe and community.


NCIDC is a nonprofit that provides services to 14,000 to 15,000 clients throughout California every year. NCIDC was established in 1976 to research, develop, and provide social and economic development programs to meet the needs of Native American Communities. NCIDC also helps develop programs in other organizations.

NCIDC has developed a statewide community service network. The network consists of NCIDC, California Tribes, and three subcontractors that deliver CSBG services to Indian people residing in the on- and off-reservation areas of the state. The Community Service Block Grant Subcontractors include California Indian Manpower Consortium, United Indian Nations, and Southern California American Indian Resource Center.
The survey should take less than 13 minutes to complete.
Your privacy is our number one concern.

Some of the questions are personal and sensitive, but all of your answers are voluntary and anonymous. Your answers will only be seen by staff from the NCIDC Eureka office and our research partners at CCRP. No one will know who completed this questionnaire. Your answers won't influence any services you receive from NCIDC or our partner agencies.

The survey period ends on June 1st, 2019.
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