RETC Mentor Sign-Up

Connect with future underground engineers at RETC when you sign up to become a mentor at RETC. As a mentor, you offer scholarship recipients a look at what their career path could take. 

Mentor Criteria:
  • Mentors must be UCA/SME members. 
  • Mentors must have ten years of experience in the underground industry unless they are a YM. 
  • Mentors must attend RETC, and:
    • Attend organizing and mentoring meetings
    • Devote time to the mentees at the conference
    • Set some mentee goals and make a plan 
  • Mentors must participate in the Mentoring Program by participating in the broad goals of the Program, including:
    • Adhering to the guidelines for mentors
    • Listening to the needs of the mentees
    • Exposing mentees to other parts of the industry other than one’s own role
    • Being willing to share one’s own experience
    • Maintaining confidentiality where appropriate

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