ClinicalKey for Nursing Survey - University Hospitals Covent
What is your role in the organisation? 
Have you previously used ClinicalKey in another organisation? 
I have created a personal account in order to use features such as Saved Content, Tags, and Presentation Maker 
I have downloaded and used the ClinicalKey app on my smartphone or tablet
I can easily find the most recent issues of journals I am interested in e.g. Midwifery
I can browse books that are relevant to my needs e.g. Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
I can use Clinical Overviews to refresh my knowledge and support patient care
I can use Presentation Maker to save relevant content and create professional properly cited presentations
ClinicalKey for Nursing is a valuable tool for my clinical practice, CPD and ongoing learning
ClinicalKey enables me to find the information I needed quickly and easily
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